Monday, May 30, 2016

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In Fat Acceptance I often ask the question “Why do so many Fat Women feel the need to write articles in Fat Acceptance and in Online Areas\magazines outside of Fat Acceptance about what Fat Men experience, how they are perceived and how they feel. Often statements are made with little or no input from Fat Men and I think that is not the best way to attract Fat Men to Fat Acceptance or tell the stories of Fat Men.

Recently things really got hot online with Marilyn Wann who is usually a level headed person. She started attacking me online. She accused me of having conspiracy theories of Fat Women being against Fat Men as well as other character defects when all I have ever asked is the question “Why do so many Fat Women feel the need to write so much about the lives of Fat Men.

In this last discussion and many other tempers flared and as always many other points and subjects were brought up, but once again this one question was never answered. I know that I am not the only Fat Guy that has some misgivings/distrust over this fact and I really hope that one day someone could give a answer to clear things up.

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