Saturday, October 22, 2016

Living with Gynecomastia is not the same as Crossdressing

I really think there needs to be a place for men to talk about having breasts that is not over run with Crossdressers or Gay men who are "into moobs".  I feel this is especially important for fat men because with increased weight the size of a man's breast can increase in size.

A lot of time when I am in a Gynecomastia forum there are two types of men. Those who only talk about having surgery even if they never have the surgery and those who talk about living with Gynocomastia.

Most of the sections for men who choose to live with Gynecomatia are filled with men who talking about wearing bras. The bras that they choose are most often bras that would project their breast instead of just supporting them.

In comparison most Trans-men and Masculine Presenting Women chose to wear binders, sports bras or wear no bra and loose fitting tops.