My Body & Fat Acceptance

 Body Acceptance

 Accepting my body is something I needed to do to get on with my life. I have been fat all my life and I do not remember a day when I did not on some level think about my body when making decisions about things that I did or did not do.

Part of what I will discuss is my life as a fat guy. A lot of what I will talk about is that I am a fat guy with large male breasts (Gynecomastia). Most fat men have a little fat on their chests. If a man is very fat he may have more, but it is still just fat. Gynecomastia is the growth of Breast Tissue.

Fat Acceptance

Fat Acceptance is a work in progress always changing and I think that is its greatest attribute.

There are people in Fat Acceptance who are preaching intersectionality and I hope this continues. There are all types of fat people who need Fat Acceptance and it is important that each group's experiences and history are told by them and not by the majority group in Fat Acceptance. I feel that it is important that experiences of fat men get included and that those experiences truly come from fat men.

I know that being a fat person can cause wide variations in the the way that flesh is carried on peoples bodies. Both Fat men and women can have huge bellies or just be big all over. Fat women can have fat bodies with combinations of any of the standard body "fruit" types attributed to female bodies.

Unfortunately not all fat bodies are not supported equally by Fat Acceptance. Super fat people of both genders are under represented/supported. Fat men in general are not mentioned as much in Fat Acceptance and most often are only mentioned in comments about how they benefit from Male Privilege rather than providing any fat support to them.

All fat women are always described as curvy and Feminine even though there are many fat women who do not fit these molds. In some ways Fat Acceptance is still a lot like a Fat Fetish, "All Fat Is Feminine, All the time". People in Fat Acceptance will mention that fat can cause a fat man's body to appear more feminine and that is OK. At the same time you will never see a author in Fat Acceptance say some like "the following fat female body types are "less feminine and sexy". The difference in the way fat men and women's bodies are discussed in Fat Acceptance is a form of Sexism that needs to stop.

Lately Fat Feminists are using Theories like Patriarchy and Misogyny to explain why and how fat men experience fat bias. I do not remember there ever being any consensus with fat men over this rewriting of fat male history and experiences. In this instance Fat Feminists are not acting like Allies of fat men.  This Fat Feminist Ideology that rewrites the experiences of fat men will become the official stance of Fat Acceptance on the lives of fat men no matter what fat men have to say about it.

Gynecomastia and Me

I think that I should state that the thoughts that I share in this section are only about fat men/boys with enlarged breast tissue which can combine with fat  and cause their breast size to overlap with female breast sizes.

Gynecomastia can happen to men of all sizes and consists of solid breast tissue with some fatty tissue attached to it. When it does happen to a fat man/boy the size of his breast can increased dramatically creating a wide range of possible breast sizes and shapes.

When did it start?

My breasts started growing in the third grade, I can remember from the part of the school that I was in when someone bumped into me and notice my soft chest. The process continued through my teenage years  and also in my adult years when my Thyroid and Pituitary Gland hormone levels started to fluctuate.

How did it make me feel

Even at a young age it was very disturbing to me. This is before we knew anything about the condition Gyynecomastia. Doctors just attributed it to my being overweight. When my older brother was in high school he was told that the cookie sized enlargement of his breasts was something called Gynecomastia and he had corrective surgery.

Being a fat boy Doctors never considered my breasts anything but fat, but by High School because of my breast size, shape and density my Doctor had to add a Gynecomastia diagnoses onto my medical records. Still I was not a candidate for surgery because I was fat.

As a fat teenage boy with no source of support like NAAFA or other Fat Acceptance sources for me to go to for support, my large breasts really bothered me. I began to visit crossdressing and transsexual forums because they at least accepted a man with breasts.

Finally a Therapist named Merle Yost  created a website about his own experiences with Gynecomastia and included a forum community that helped a lot. Still as a fat man I was on the fringe of this community "because it was assumed that my breasts came from eating too many donuts".

All I can say is that I would recommend that Parents study up on the condition and carefully approach their son on this subject.